An Independent Movie
A Viking Drama Adventure
In a dark world occupied by ferocious beings who seem to feed on fear, two Demon Hunters, husband (Týr) and wife (Ylva) are shattered as they mourn their recently deceased son (Bjarke). The funeral is interrupted by a creature with a horrible past, the Draugr Mother. Obsessed with having a child of her own, she steals Bjarke's soul before the body is burnt.
When the soul of their son is stolen, Týr and Ylva see no option than set out on the biggest hunt of their lives with more than their own souls at stake.
Genre: Adventure | Fantasy | Thriller | Drama
Official Sites: Official Facebook | NewNorth | Hype Film | Mattias P Productions | Tomas Mayer
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish
Release Date: 2017
Also Known As: Fire Soul

Producers Office: Erik Tönseth – New North Productions Agata Mayer – PR and Brand Collaborations

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